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Page 2 Mansavage Productions Online Shop ... high quality lawn and yard signs at low cheap prices. We have both Hillary and Trump presidential election campaign 2016 merchandise for sale.

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Hillary for President 2016 Lawn Yard Sign For Sale.

Trump Button

Catalog Product Number 7
2-3/8" diameter.
Pin mechanism on back side.
$2 each or 3 for $5.

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Bumper Sticker Trump Make America Great Again 4" x 4" for sale.

Trump Bumper Sticker

Catalog Product Number 8
4" x 4"
High Quality Mode Printing.
Easy Remove crack 'n 'peel white vinyl.

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I'm with her! Hillary Lawn Sign For Sale.

I'm with her!

Catalog Product Number 9
18" x 24" Lawn Sign
$7 without Stand
$9 with Stand

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