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Video Production

Videography - Editing - Distribution

Mansavage Productions brings experience, talent and high quality equipment together to create entertaining and effective video for businesses and individuals. We use top of the line HP liquid cooled gaming computers running the newest Priemiere Pro digital video editing software to create your video fast, resulting in high quality with low hourly rate production costs.

We capture your video with a high definition Canon camera. CAMERA. We are experienced at videotaping events as well as creating video for advertisements.

If you are going to have a video made for you that you want to show on your website or other social media, be sure to have your video made by someone or a company that understands and can program the new HTML5 video technologies that allow video to play natively within a website. Understanding how different video file formats play on the internet is an important part of videotaping, editing and producing a video. Mansavage Productions is experienced at producing video for the internet, as well as for DVDs of various formats.

Mansavage Productions is a top rated Saint Paul, Minnesota videographer on