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Welcome to Mansavage Productions.

Mansavage Productions specializes in digital technologies for website development, video production and printing. We offer web and graphic design. We bring together the newest, fastest computer hardware and software, combined with talent and experience, to produce high quality results at low prices. If you are looking for someone to design, create, update, maintain and promote a website for you, then contact Mansavage Productions today for a free consultation. We are experts at Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Mansavage Productions web development services include mobile and e-commerce websites.

The new independence that digital technologies have brought to the consumer, for example, make it now possible to produce one or two lawn signs for a cheap cost without having to buy a large quantity. For a contractor in the construction trades, this makes it very appealing to have one or two lawn signs promoting his or her business to put up at a construction site to advertise the contractor's services. We design and sell lawn signs to contractors.

We design, print and manufacture lawn signs for contractors and others throughout the year, but during the Presidential Election campaign season we have a lawn sign sale where we sell our designs on political yard signs, buttons, bumper stickers and more. Shop our Store! We currently have both Trump and Hillary lawn signs and rally/window signs, bumper stickers and buttons for sale and on sale.

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5809 Bellham Ave.
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Here is what we can do you for to make your website mobile friendly and so your website passes the Google Mobile Friendly Test:

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5809 Bellham Ave.
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Digital Video
Videography, Editing & Distribution

Mansavage Productions brings experience, talent and high quality equipment together to create entertaining and effective video for businesses and individuals.

We use top of the line HP liquid cooled gaming computers running the newest Premiere Pro digital video editing software to create your video fast, resulting in high quality with low hourly rate production costs.

We capture your video with a high definition Canon camera.

We are experienced at videotaping events as well as creating video for advertisements.

If you are going to have a video made for you that you want to show on your website or other social media, be sure to have your video made by someone or a company that understands and can program the new HTML5 video technologies that allow video to play natively within a website. Understanding how different video file formats play on the internet is an important part of videotaping, editing and producing a video.

Mansavage Productions is experienced at producing video for the internet, as well as for DVDs of various formats.

5809 Bellham Ave.
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Digital Printing

Mansavage Productions offers graphic design and printing of all your projects.

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Presidential Election Campaign 2016 Hillary And Trump Lawn Signs For Sale.

Trump Make America Great Again
17.5" x 23.5" Lawn Sign
Printed on 1 side.
Includes heavy duty metal stand.

Trump Make America Great Again Thumb Up Lawn Sign manufactured by Mansavage Productions in Saint Paul Minnesota.

From graphic designer Peter Mansavage comes this new unique 24" x 24" lawn sign "Trump Make America Great Again" featuring the thumb up image, printed in color on both sides.

Made in USA.

Sign sells for $14 plus shipping with the stand, or $12 plus shipping without the stand. Order yours using the convenient PayPal "Add to Cart" button below. Order today or call 651-777-1212 to see if you qualify for free delivery or pick up and save shipping charges in the St. Paul - Minneapolis Metro and surrounding areas!

Choose With or Without Stand

Hillary For President 2016 Election Lawn Yard Sign For Sale $15.95

These high quality Hillary for President 2016 lawn signs measure 18" x 24" in size and sell for only $9.95 including a heavy duty metal stand. Order with PayPal or Credit Card on PayPal safe secure website by clicking the "Add to Cart" button below:

Clinton Kaine Symbol Lawn Sign For Sale by Mansavage Productions Saint Paul Minnesota.

Clinton Kaine 18" x 24" Lawn sign with heavy duty metal stand.
Printed in color on both sides.
Made in USA of 4 mm thick opaque plastic.
Guaranteed 1 year against weather elements rain and sun.
For sale: $9.95

Trump Make America Great Again 18" x 24" lawn signs. 2-sided printed on both sides. For sale for $7 plus shipping.


Trump Rally Window Sign Sales.

We now have the Trump Make America Great Again sign in a Rally/Window size of 13" x 13" printed on both sides in full color on heavy cover-stock paper. These signs are printed on the newest digital technology printers resulting in a high quality image. We manufacture high quality products and sell them at low cheap prices. These signs are for sale for only $3.50 each plus tax and shipping. We offer pick up of these signs in Saint Paul and Minnetonka, Minnesota. Or order your sign online through our PayPal button below and we will mail the sign directly to you.

Number of Signs

Donald Trump Make America Great Again Package Includes Rally/Window Sign, Button, Bumper Sticker For Sale by Mansavage Productions

Trump Kit: Includes 1 Trump Rally/Window Sign measures 13" x 13" size printed on both sides in full color on heavy card stock paper, and 1 Trump Button measures 2-3/8" diameter, and 1 Trump Bumper Sticker measures 4" x 4" size. Made in USA from materials made in USA and with labor performed in USA. Completely made in USA by Mansavage Productions. We use new state-of-the-art digital printers for the highest quality and low costs so we can sell high quality products at low cheap prices. For sale for only $7 for 1 Kit, or $12 for 2 Kits, or $16 for 3 Kits, plus tax and postage. Order today by clicking on the PayPal button below. Save on postage costs by picking up your order either in St. Paul or Minnetonka, MN. Call 651-777-1212 now to arrange for pickup. Also available now on our Mansavage Productions eBay sellers page "mansavagepro" name. Click the button below to order Trump Kit through PayPal:

Quantity of Trump Kits

Hillary for Prison Lawn Sign Copyrighted Mansavage Productions Saint Paul MN.

Hillary for Prison Lawn Sign

By popular request, from graphic design artist Peter Mansavage comes this historic election lawn sign. The first image is placed on a black background for illustrative purposes, and the bottom image shows actual sign on the heavy duty metal stand that comes with the sign. The first image has the copyright watermark on only the online display image; the actual sign is free from copyright watermark. Sign measures 18" x 24" and is made of 4 mm thick opaque plastic. For sale for $12.95 with stand.


Trump Button

Trump Make America Great Again Campaign Button for sale by Mansavage Productions Saint Paul Minnesota.


Front of Trump Campaign Button Held In Hand.

Button In Hand

Back of Trump Campaign Button held in hand.

Back of Trump Button

Measures 2-3/8" in diameter. Made of metal. 1 for $2 or 3 for $5. The copyright watermark is only on the online display image; the actual button is free of the copyright watermark.

Choose Quantity

High Quality Lawn Signs At The Best Prices.

Lawn signs are printed on 4 mm thick opaque plastic. The opaque plastic means that the printing on one side of the signs doesn't show through to the other side of the sign. That makes your signs easier to read.

The signs are 100% made in United States, manufactured locally in St. Paul, Minnesota, and distributed locally with offices in St. Paul and Minnetonka, Minnesota, for pickup and delivery.

Everything that goes into the making of signs is made in America, including the plastic, the ink, the stands, and even the machines that the signs are printed on are made in America!

There is a 2 year warranty on the ink on the lawn signs, and a 4 year warranty on the plastic in the signs. This means that your lawn signs are high quality signs that can be reused while still looking nice over time.

The lawn signs are affordable and competitively priced.

Our lawn signs are available with sturdy metal stands, also made in United States.

We specialize in the following main sizes of lawn signs:

The 18" x 24" size lawn signs.

The 24" x 24" size lawn signs.

The 24" x 48" size lawn signs.

48" x 48"

48" x 96"

Call 651-777-1212 now for prices!

Contractor Trades Lawn Signs

Contractor Lawn Sign Special:

The signs that I would have printed for you would be high quality 4 mm opaque plastic with a 2 yr. warranty on ink fading and a 4 yr. warranty on the plastic.

These would be signs that you could re-use and would still look nice over time.

The minimum number of signs that I can have printed at one time is 25.

The price per sign for 18" x 24" signs printed on both sides with 1 color would be $8 each. For 2 colors would be $10 each.

I will do the setup of the artwork and text on the signs for $25 for the job. Metal stands for the signs are $2 each.

If you want the signs mailed or shipped to you, I would just charge you what ever the cost of the shipping is. We could possibly arrange to meet in the Cities and I give you the signs and we save on the shipping.

Please let me know if this will work for you, or if there are some adjustments that we can make.

The signs would be ready for pickup or delivery 2 days from the time that we submit the artwork.

What do you have for images or text to put on the signs? If you can email me a description of what you want on the sign, then I will write you back with an estimate of how long it will take me to do the artwork. After the artwork is designed, I would email you a copy for your approval prior to printing.

Example Of One Color Contractor Lawn Sign

Contractor Lawn Sign Two Color On Stand
Two Color Contractor Sign

Contractor's Lawn Sign Special

The minimum number of signs that can be printed at one time is 25.

The signs are 18" x 24" printed on both sides.

With 1 color the signs are only $8 each.

With 2 colors the signs are only $10 each.

Shipping is extra depending on location the signs will be shipped to.

25 Lawn Signs


Shipping Packaging Used By Mansavage Productions.

Pictured above is our packaging for the 24" x 24" lawn signs. This package protects your sign during shipping.


If you would like to help us keep our sign prices low, please contribute to our Mansavage Productions Political Lawn Signs fund. If you would like to donate through PayPal with PayPal or a Credit Card, please click the "Donate" link below:

5809 Bellham Ave.
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Google Mobile Friendly Test

Websites need to be mobile-friendly or Google will negatively rank how the website shows up in search results when people search online for products and services that the website sells or offers.

Contact us to find out if your website passes the Google mobile-friendly test.

A modern, properly functioning website is essential for business today. Contact us today today for a website that will attract more customers to your business.

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