We offer both pre-printed lawn and yard signs that all you have to do is order the sign with the printing already on the sign, or we also offer you the ability to have your own artwork printed on a sign.

Mansavage Productions Print Technologies ensures that you will receive quality lawn signs at affordable prices.



We specialize in two main sizes of lawn signs:

  1. The 18" x 24" size lawn signs.
  2. The 24" x 48" size lawn signs.


Mansavage Productions will do basic artwork layout for the signs for $25. More advanced layouts available for reasonable costs.

What do you have for images or text to put on the signs? If you can email me a description of what you want on the sign, then I will write you back with an estimate of how long it will take me to do the artwork. After the artwork is designed, I would email you a copy of the artwork for your approval prior to printing.


Heavy duty metal lawn sign stand for sale by Mansavage Productions.


Metal stands for the signs are $2 each.

Pickup & Delivery:

The signs are ready for pickup or delivery 2 days from the time that we submit the artwork.

If you want the signs mailed or shipped to you, the packaging and shipping charges depend on the location that you want the signs delivered to. Shipping costs are added to the order when the delivery location is determined.

If you prefer, you could pickup your signs at our St. Paul print shop, or at our office in Minnetonka. We could also possibly arrange to meet you in the Twin Cities metro area and delivery the signs to you.


Call 952-474-4144 today for prices.


Please ask how we can custom make your print order to your exact requirements!